Abingdon Counselling and Psychotherapy A reflection

Helen Asbury MA(Hons) Cantab, MBACP

What are counselling and psychotherapy?

As young children, we develop patterns of relating to others, and ways of viewing ourselves and the world, which best enable us to get our needs (physical and emotional) met at that time.

When we grow older, these patterns may no longer be effective in enabling us to cope with what life throws at us, but changing them can be difficult.

sunset Counselling provides non-judgmental support when facing particular difficult life decisions or changes, help in considering the options available, and in achieving the choices made.

Psychotherapy works at greater depth, and offers the opportunity to explore how we have become the people we are, and whether we are living our lives as effectively as we would like. Through helping us understand and come to terms with the negative effects of our past experience, and to celebrate the positive, it can enable us to change the way we see ourselves and relate to others.

Humans exist within relationships. Relational psychotherapy focuses on the therapeutic relationship that develops between client and therapist, the conscious and unconscious communication between them, as a means of understanding and addressing the client's painful past, and finding healthier, more fulfilling ways of living and relating to others in the present.

Transactional Analysis(TA) is a model for understanding personality and how it develops. The underlying philosophy of TA is respect for the intrinsic worth and dignity of humans and their capacity to change. TA counselling and psychotherapy emphasise equality between the therapist and client as colleagues working together. For more information click here.